Power Generation

We give services on specialized jobs –

  1. Selection, application, installation, operation, maintenance & repairs of steam turbines, high speed gear boxes, compressors.
  2. Selection & Refurbishing of used turbine generator set
  3. Major overhauling of Steam turbine generator set.
  4. Trouble shooting of Turbine problem on Governing, lubrication, oil pumps (MOP/EOP) system, protective devices.
  5. Health check-up, condition monitoring, condition assessment of steam turbines, related machines.
  6. Defining the parameters & limits of the supporting system like steam, water, lubricating oil, balancing, vibration, bearing clearances & ratio (BCR) alignments, levels as per the applicable standards (ASA/ASME/ANSI/ISO).
  7. Introducing detective maintenance, inferences from primary & secondary devices of unsparable machines & suggesting corrective/preventive actions.
  8. Reliability centered maintenance & operation (RCM) Training & practices as per the standard i.e. SAE JA 1011
  9. Turbine operation with “Off Design Parameters and its Effects” on consumption of steam & turbine.

We have got experienced personnel having hands on experience on various types and makes of turbines.

  1. Impulse/Reaction – Straight Back Pressure/Extraction cum condensing/Condensing/Pass out turbines
  2. Pressure compounded/Velocity compounded & combination type
  3. Makes of turbines – Elliot, Terry, Coppus, Parson, KKK, Alsthom, ABB, AEI, Pete brotherhood, Worthington, Bellis-Morcom etc.

Types of Plants/Projects worked

  1. Power Plants – Thermal & Wind
  2. Detergents
  3. Fertilize