Sulphuric Acid Plants

The team at Venus Technochem Pvt. Ltd. has a long and successful history in providing the latest technology to the sulphuric acid industry. With our experience of over 50 years and 45 Plants, efficiency and reliability are built into the plant design, equipment supply and construction.

The basic process of burning elemental Sulphur with air and a catalyst to sulphur trioxide and having it absorbed in a stream of sulfuric acid has not changed in 80 years.

Venus looks at improvements in technologies to enhance conversion of So2 to So3, reduction in so2 emissions, heat recovery systems, By-product power generation and instrumentation to closely control plant operations.

The plant can be designed to produce 20% and 65% oleum and liquid sulphur tri-oxide to suit specific requirements. Production of by-product steam for power generation and generation of exportable power are additional benefits that can improve profitability.