Single Super Phosphate Plants

The Team at Venus has put up and run more than 20 SSP plants around the world. Their experience with SSP has allowed them to work out processes and equipment that allow the manufacture of SSP with the shortest curing time while still retaining the highest phosphate content.

Manufacture of Single & Triple Super phosphate has undergone a considerable change although the basic process of ground rock phosphate reacting with sulphuric acid to convert most of the P205 in rock phosphate into water soluble form (so as to be available for uptake by crops.)

Incorporating equipment for efficient grinding of phosphate rock, handling systems to convey phosphate to acidulation unit and efficient scrubbing system to meet the strict pollution control standards are special features developed by us as a result of years of experience. Granulated SSP These plants are designed and erected keeping in mind required size distribution of product granules, minimum re-cycles and consistent product quality.